Why Use PEEK Optima

  • Engineered for strength, stability, and biocompatibility
  • Radiolucent with no significant X-Ray, CT, or MRI artifact.
  • Bone-like stiffness and strength
  • Surgeon can determine plate and screw placement during surgery
  • Lightweight
  • Autoclavable – withstands multiple sterilization
  • Can be used with any cranial or craniofacial fixation systems
  • If modification of a PEEK implant is required (e.g. drainage, monitoring devices), it can be performed in the OR with standard high speed burr instruments

Kelyniam has been a surgeon favorite for us for some time …  your service is great!”

B.P.Kalispell Regional Medical Center

Precision Anatomic Fit

The Difference Is In The Details


Derived from the patient’s CT Scan Data, 3D BIO-CAD/CAM software is used to transfer the intricate details found on the edge of the defect directly to the implant edge

Computer Numerical Control

Computer Numerical Control technology to precision mills the implant, using tolerances that are less than the thickness of a business card. The result is an exact replication of the patient’s missing bone flap!

The Best Fit

Precise implants reduce operating time and improve aesthetic results for patients and surgeons alike

Product Turnaround Time

Our plans provide surgeons with additional treatment options and 24 hour turnarounds in emergency situations. With Kelyniam’s technology, cases no longer need to be scheduled weeks or months in advance – further reducing scar tissue and bone remodeling. Full or partial skull models are available upon request when ordering.


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