The First Integrated Fixation System

Kelyniam became the first and only cranial implant manufacturer to offer U.S. surgeons this truly unique fixation option when the FDA approved Kelyniam’s IFS Tabs earlier this year. Integrated fixation system tabs provide a fast and easy way to secure the implant with commercially available craniofacial fixation screws. The integrated tabs may save operating room time and lower costs by reducing the fixation hardware needed.

Patented Technology

Our patented technology incorporates counter-sunk screws to minimize irritation. Each implant is custom, allowing the surgeon to position the tabs wherever they are needed. All Kelyniam implants are available within 24 hours of receipt of the CT scan. Scans received by 12:00 pm can be delivered the following morning.

24 Hour


We are the leader in providing overnight service for the delivery of custom cranial and craniofacial implants. If we receive your approved CT scan by 11:00 am, delivery can be within 24 hrs.



Our implants are made from PEEK – Lightweight Bio-material engineered for strength, stability, and biocompatibility

Precision Fitting

with 3D Bio-CAD

Kelyniam engineers and craftsmen design and manufacture each custom implant to fit perfectly for the best cosmetic outcome, every time.

Our Representatives

Work with us

We treat our sales representatives the way we would want to be treated, with fast and friendly responsiveness and minimal paperwork.

Our Vision

Our vision at Kelyniam Global Inc. is to foster a culture of trust and respect throughout our organization and with our customers (hospitals, sales representative, and surgeons and their patients) that will result in collaborative relationships that solve medical problems.

Our Clients

  • Awesome. Thanks for such a quick turnaround!

    Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
  • The case went very well and the implant seemed to fit very well. Thank you for your help and the quick turnaround on the fabrication

    McLaren Regional Medical Center
  • Thanks for everything. Dr. Gordon was super pleased Kelyniam was able to come through in the clutch. Patient looks great btw.

    Johns Hopkins Hospital

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